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4. Project57 : From Moselle to Moselle

Updated: Jan 16

  • Paysage Lorrain,

Over the many months of driving from the studio in rural Moselle to points along the Moselle river to document and work 'en plein air', l often stopped, taken by a sudden change in light, cloud formations, an unexpected view of the Lorraine landscape, on the eastern side of the river, close to Meurthe-et-Moselle. Watercolours and sketches were progressively made from spots in the 'Pays du Vernois', the 'Pays du Mad et Moselle' , the 'Rives de Moselle' and the 'Sud Messin'. When the weather was too inclement, the work on paper was finished indoors at a later date, which adds further to the problems l'm finding keeping a clear chronology to project events. Some, because of their number, l now have only a vague idea as to where they were executed.

Here are a selection, a variety of watercolours, pola-paintings, etchings and mixed techniques, as well as a few paintings on canvas or wood. Some are already in private collections of french and german buyers.

Images top to bottom :

  • Metz vu depuis le Plan d'Eau, peinture 10 x 10 cm

Paysage Lorrain, technique mixte sur toile, 30 x 30 cm

  • Gravure et aquarelle, Petit Matin sur la Moselle

  • Metz vu depuis Magny, acryliques sur toile

  • Pola-painting, Petit Matin sur la Moselle

  • La Moselle, peinture acrylique et bombe sur bois, 20 x 20 cm

  • Gravure unique, Petit Matin sur la Moselle


  • Monotoype, la Moselle

  • Paysage mosellan, aquarelle et pastel sur papier Kraft A4

  • Pola-painting, Petit matin Seille et Moselle

  • Paysage mosellan, fin de journée. Aquarelle A4

  • Polaroid, Petit Matin ( reflet - Seille et Moselle )

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