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Projet 57 ( La Moselle ) : Liverdun & Corbin Castle

One of the closest points of interest along the Moselle river - in terms of km to travel from my studio - is in Meurthe-et-Moselle, where just beyond Nancy the river takes a couple of sharp bends at the foot of the medieval little city of Liverdun, with its anachronous-looking Château de Corbin perched above it all. The campsite is ideal for exploring the steep banks of the Moselle here as it heads north towards Pont-à-Mousson, which forms - though not in chronological order - the next step of my pilgrimage in the footsteps of JMW Turner taken in 1824.

Drawings were made in situ, watercolours finished in the studio, as well as a small series of tetrapak etchings to complete this little body of work...

Next step : Pont-à-Mousson

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